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Talks Series #16|Devana from Invisible Company


About the Talk

Devana is the co-founder of Invisible Company, launched #INVISIBLEBAG which is water-soluble, biodegradable and compostable packaging in 2020 May, aiming to bring alternative solutions to brands and manufacturers to replace the conventional plastic packaging with eco-friendly materials. She is actively promoting Eco With Attitude to brands and consumers, on how to reduce waste and through daily actions for a better and plastic free living. With Invisible Co Team, she is working on new material development to cover more product applications, with the DNA of creating #INVISIBLE packaging on its afterlife, leaving on trace on earth.

Invisible Company is offering water-soluble #INVISIBLEBAG, dissolves in water, certified compostable and biodegradable, proven to be non-toxic and leaves no harmful residue on earth. An alternative for manufacturers and brands to replace conventional plastic packaging. We aim to create a community based on authenticity and fairness, built on our sustainable, innovative products; and can inspire, educate, spearhead environmental change. Together the Invisible community strives for SDG 4, 12, and 1 to make the largest sustainable impact possible. We are actively promoting Eco With Attitude to brands, consumers and community, on how to reduce at source and through daily action for a better and plastic free living.

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About Power to Change

Power to Change is an international social enterprise that utitlizes the minus-plus model to address a waste issue while, in a circular model, also addressing a poverty issue. Now, Power to Change began in Taiwan and has now spread to Japan, Thailand, and Paraguay.

If you are in one of the following countries, you can help support our mission by signing our petition to let banks know that you support moving away from paper bills to e-bills. With the money saved, we can help those families affected by energy poverty.

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